Be Wary of Them

Please be wary of this vet. My sister took in her 4 mos old puppy for a Lyme Disease Vaccination which is not a necessity for where she lives. It was part of the puppy package that she bought & she thought it was a great deal because it includes all the vaccinations, spaying, antibiotics etc for $800. We have a new puppy also & our bill will be $500 for the necessary vaccinations (no lyme disease vac) & neutering.

Anyways, after the Lyme Disease vaccine was injected, the vet did a quick exam on the pup & found a lump on it’s back. My sister was quite shaken when he said it could be serious & he should do a biopsy & blood tests. He also mentioned that her free 6 wk insurance expired that day.

So my upset sister called to renew her pet insurance for $45 month & tried to listen to the spiel about the costs & thought it was around $200. But when she picked up her pet, she was handed a bill for $800!!

She has now spent $1600 for vet bills in one month & will spend over $500 in insurance payments. My sister does not have a lot of money. I fear that this vet will bleed her dry if she continues to go there.

By: tsameshi

Dear Animal Hospital

Richmond, BC

Indian style Chinese Food

On Sunday, we were driving home from west Van when my husband saw the words "Indian Style Chinese Food" on the awning of a restaurant. I was intrigued because Indian food & Chinese food are two of my favourite types of food.

So, of course, I had to go back the next day with my sister to try the food. The restaurant is situated on the corner of Kingsway & Rupert. They have parking in the front & some on the road. We parked on the road.

Taped to the door are two newspaper articles reviewing this restaurant, which is a good sign. The article mentioned that the Chinese owners are from Calcutta.

We arrived at 11:30 & two of the 15 or so tables were occupied. By the time we finished our meal, the room was almost full.

I ordered a curry chicken dish & my sister ordered fried rice with chicken & shrimp. I also ordered a side dish of naan bread for $1.25. Both dishes were excellent & they really did taste like Indian curry in a typical Chinese...

By: tsameshi

Chili Pepper House

Vancouver, BC



Indian/Chinese food? how unique!

I Love Costco

I've been a Costco member for over 15 years. We originally went to the Burnaby Costco whenever we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese. Then a Costco opened in Richmond! I've been going once a week since then. They sell everything from grocery products, large appliances, furniture,flooring, window coverings, seasonal items like plants etc. The list of items they sell is endless. Their products are of high quality & the prices are like sale prices at other stores.

I can't remember what the yearly membership fee is. There's 3 different prices. I think about $55 for regular customers, a little less for wholesalers (who also get to shop an hour earlier), or $100 for executive members. I'm an executive member & I get 2% rebate on everything I spend. I also have their American Express Costco card so I get another 2% rebate. Last year I got two rebate cheques for over $300 each. So that more than pays for the membership fee.

I also like their return policy....

By: tsameshi

Costco Wholesale

Richmond, BC

Great For Replacing my Watch Battery

I don't own or buy jewelry but I do own a really old watch that needs a new battery every year. I go to this jewellers because the price is really reasonable. It was under $5, I think.

I read the other review & I've had no problem with the owner. Its true the son has taken over from his sweet dad & mom but he seems very nice to me.

My sister use to go to this store when it was in Seafair but I've only been going since it moved to Blundell Center.

By: tsameshi

Company Deleted


My Mom's Favourite Jewellers

My mom passed away 11 years ago & she left her 3 daughters a lot of jewelry. But at the time we were too sad to even look at her items; until last year & then we let my daughter divide everything.

Mom bought all her good jewelry from Prestige. She was a regular there & now my sister goes there too. I had forgotten about them since I don't buy jewelry anymore.

My daughter inherited my mom's diamond wedding rings & band (to keep it in the family). When my daughter got engaged recently, she had to have mom's rings resized & we made the HUGE mistake of going to someone else. I wrote about that experience.

My sisters & aunts all say we should have gone to Prestige. They are so nice, very honest & their jewelry is of high quality. They would never have tricked us like Gladstone Jewellers did.

By: tsameshi

Prestige Jewellery Distr

Richmond, BC

Dependable Jewellers

Russell's Jewelers has been around since I was in my teens at least. I'm 54 now. I don't own a lot of jewelry but 14 years ago when our house was broken into & all my stuff was stolen, Russell's was really great to deal with. The insurance company gave them a replacement amount & they let me choose what I wanted with a big discount.

I would highly recommend them. Although, ownership may have changed since 1994.

By: tsameshi

Russell's Plaza Jewellers

Richmond, BC

My Favourite Family Restaurant

I always choose Matsuyama Japanese Restaurant when its my turn to choose a restaurant for an outing. I love the choices of Japanese or Vietnamese items. They use to have Chinese items years ago but they discontinued serving it. It doesn't matter because the choices are outstanding.

The service is fast, the food tastes great, & the prices are really reasonable.

Yesterday, we treated 7 adults for lunch & it was around $100. We had ordered 6 appetizers, 5 bento boxes, & 2 Vietnamese specials. They serve a delicious tea with the meal. They will also give you water & forks if requested.

The restaurant doesn't have a lot of parking but we went on a weekday at 2 so parking was easy. They have redesigned the room to make it more open & cleaner looking. There are TVs on the wall for those sports fans who refuse to leave home when there's a game on.

By: tsameshi

Matsuyama Japanese Restaurant

Richmond, BC

Horrible Customer Service.

We've been a Vancouver member for about 8 years & the former UCC is now known as Direct Buy. The new owners are in business to get new members to join their system. When we joined the membership was $2400 & you get to buy everything at cost directly from the manufacturer. I've no idea what the memberships costs now but reading other reviews from members in the states it seems to range from $5-$6000.

My experience has been that they don't care whether you buy products through them or not. They have horrible customer service.

Here's how it works. You search through the manufacturer's book for your item & figure out the price & other fees & make note on a order sheet. It's very annoying because there is only one book per manufacturer so if you can't find their binder on the shelf, you have to ask other clients if they have the book & then wait til they are finished. Then you must wait for a clerk to take your order & there's only one...

By: tsameshi

Ucc of Canada

Calgary, AB

Very Bad Customer Service

My daughter needed a family heirloom diamond ring set re-sized for her engagement/wedding. Over the phone, she was told it would cost $15 to downsize each ring. When she got there, they said it would cost more because it had to be downsized from 8.5 to 6. Well, the re-sized ring was too small & she needed it made larger.

Guess what, they charged her another $40.

I know we should have just gone to another jeweler but we were in shock. Their argument was that it wasn't their fault that it wouldn't fit. We couldn't understand how it was her fault when they did the measuring. So they said it would only cost $20 with their discount so we figured why not. Then when she went to the register to pay, they charged $40 cuz it was two rings.

Before going to the store, I had researched the net to find reviews on this jewelery store & couldn't find any. This review is my gift to future customers. Please avoid this store.

By the way, my daughter's friend had a similar problem but she started screaming at them & so she got her way.

By: tsameshi

Gladstone Jewellery Ltd

Richmond, BC